What You Get

Your E-Z Photo's Rent2Scan photo scanner rental package contains everything you'll need to be scanning like a pro. Open the shipping case, remove its contents, connect the scanner to the scanning computer included with your rental package, plug them both into the power strip provided, turn the equipment on, and start scanning.

It's just that easy!

Have more than loose photos needing to be scanned, such as picture albums or scrapbooks? Add-on either a Kodak Legal or A3-Sized Flatbed, in combination with the Kodak Photo Selector Tool to a rental package, to scan it all!

Each Rent2Scan Photo Scanner Rental Package Includes;

  • Pre-Paid Round-Trip Shipping via Fed-Ex Ground
  • Pelican™ Waterproof Case w/Wheels & Collapsable Pull Handle
  • Kodak Picture Saver Scanner, power cable & USB cable capable of scanning thousands of photos per hour*
  • Scanning Computer, keyboard, mouse & power cable pre-loaded with Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software
  • 6-Outlet Power Strip w/Lighted Switch
  • Scanner Cleaning Supplies, Kodak Transport Cleaning Sheets, Kodak Roller Cleaning Pads, Brillianize Instant Detailer Pak
  • Photo Handling Gloves
  • Rental Kit User'sManual
  • Microfiber cloth
  • USB Storage Device
  • Deluxe Security Loops
  • Pre-Paid Return FedEx Ground Shipping Label

Add-ons Include;

  • Kodak Legal Flatbed** + Kodak Photo Selector Tool Accessories***
  • Kodak A3 Flatbed**** + Kodak Photo Selector Tool Accessories

* More than 3,000 photos per hour @ 300 DPI or 1,200 photos @ 600 DPI. Scanning speed based on 4" x 6" sized photos.

** Kodak Legal Flatbed Accessory accommodates scanning up to a 216 x 356 mm (8.5 x 14 in.) image in a single pass.

*** Scan album pages or multiple photographs using the Kodak Flatbed Accessory. The Kodak Photo Selector Tool automatically detects and marks photos to be segmented/individualized. Photos are outlined in blue and shown individually along with the overall image scanned. The operator can adjust area captured or delete photos. After segmenting, original flatbed scan and individual images are returned to Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software.

**** Kodak A3 Flatbed Accessory accommodates scanning up to a 305 x 457 mm (12 x 18 in.) image in a single pass.

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