What if I need to cancel my scheduled rental?
Cancellation of any prepaid rental reservation whose Equipment has not already shipped to meet the start date for the rental period is 100% refundable.

Cancel up to 7 days before the start of the rental period, and E-Z Photo Scan will reimburse the credit card used to make the payment for the full rental amount.

If you need to cancel in less than 7 days of the rental period beginning, E-Z Photo Scan will provide a store voucher equal to the full sum of the amount paid that you can use to renting at another time or purchase any item available on

If the Equipment has already been shipped to meet the start date of the rental period selected, E-Z Photo Scan will work with you to provide a refund based upon the actual shipping costs incurred and send you a store voucher for that prorated amount.

When does my rental period start? 
Each Rent2Scan Rental Package begins with a reservation for a specific start date. E-Z Photo Scan will make all arrangements to have your photo scanner rental at the designated of FedEx location where valuable packages may be held for secure pick-up on the start date specified.

When the tracking reference tag is scanned at pick-up, your 'official' rental period begins. To avoid additional late fees, it is important that you plan to return the entire Rent2Scan Rental Package back to an authorized FedEx drop-off location before its closing time of the specified end date of the rental period.

Weather, natural disasters, and other uncontrollable events can interrupt FedEx transportation flow – and your supply chain – anytime, anywhere and with little warning. The E-Z Photo Scan team subscribes to FedEx's Service Alert program. Should interruptions occur, we will update those affected to keep them informed. Although shipments delayed due to the uncontrollable disruption(s) are not eligible for a refund or credit under our refund policy, E-Z Photo Scan will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate the interruption.

Why do you ship Rent2Scan rentals using FedEx? 
FedEx is consistently ranked among the world’s most admired brands and employers. Our partnership with them guarantees your Rent2Scan Rental Package has more than 400,000 FedEx team members standing behind providing a high level of value-added logistics and transportation services. 

FedEx offers nearly 10,000 authorized locations where valuable packages may be held for secure pick-up. That means more than likely a convenient pick-up location is not too far from where you intend upon scanning your photo collection. Each location used by E-Z Photo Scan offers the protection of identity validation by means of picture id and is capable of scanning the unique tracking reference into FedEx's shipment status monitoring system. The free FedEx ® Mobile app allows you to track the status of shipments and obtain full details instantaneously.

Why do you send a scanning computer? 
Computer Sales Statistics reported there were more than 71 million computers sold throughout just the U.S. in just 2015. When combined with the various operating systems, manufacturers, and computer specs there are literally an infinite number of possible combinations a Rent2Scan scanner could encounter if users were to use their own computers. And, that doesn't even count the hundreds of millions of applications on those computers! 

Providing a scanning computer means you should be able to be up and scanning in minutes by simply connecting the scanner to the computer, plugging it into power and turning the units on. A Rent2Scan Rental Package doesn't require downloading or installing of applications onto a computer eliminating the possibility of hardware and/or software conflicts and the time required to troubleshoot them. In fact, the scanning computer provided doesn't even need to be connected to the Internet making it possible to digitize your project in a remote WiFi limited or restricted area. 

Plus, providing a scanning computer helps E-Z Photo Scan guarantee access to get quick support should the need ever arise and never having to face being tossed around between the variety of stakeholders that make up every computing environment. You will never have to encounter that since the entire scanning system is maintained by us. Meanwhile, all of the printed photos or treasured documents scanned using the Rent2Scan scanning computer can easily be transferred to your personal computing device operating on either a Windows or Mac OS and used with any of the 40,000+ photo organizing, enhancement, restoration, or manipulation applications on the market today.

Can I have my rental sent to another location than my home? 
Yes. It is not uncommon for Rent2Scan Rental Packages to be sent to the hometown of a family member, such as a parent or sibling, where the collection of photographs for the scanning project is located. Just be sure to let us know when you place your order in the area designated 'Special Information'.

How many photos can I really scan using this equipment? 
To answer this question requires evaluating the scanning project you are wanting to undertake. First, we will make the assumption that you have taken the time to follow our suggestions in the Smart Guide so when the rental package arrives you'll be ready to scan vs. spending time organizing, sorting, and reminiscing! These are tasks that should be undertaken before the rental arrives.

The next consideration is the composition of photograph sizes in your collection. The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner can digitize various photo sizes from 2.5 x 2.5 in. up to 8.5 x 14 in. without consideration of sorting them by size. However, if the majority of your collection of are of larger sized photos you should anticipate less throughput per hour.

Finally, the resolution as measured in DPI you intend upon scanning your collection will also impact scanning speed. E-Z Photo Scan strongly recommends you consider using 600 dpi when transforming your collection of printed photos or treasured documents into digital images. This will offer you an optimum level of image quality and accommodate using the scanned pictures in a wide variety of displays or custom photo gifts & merchandise creations. While it is always possible to downsize an image to a lesser resolution, upsizing it can never compare to capturing higher quality from an original scan.

We will assume for the purposes of this estimation that your collection is comprised of primarily 4 x 6 in., 5 x 7 in., and some 8 x 10 in. sized photographs. While it is possible to scan over 1200 photos an hour it is reasonable to predict the average individual will be capable of scanning 400 - 700 photos per hour at 600 dpi, at a comfortable pace. Should you choose to scan at a lesser resolution, such as 300 dpi, then you can expect to digitize 1,500 - 2,000 photos per hour although at 100% efficiency it is possible to scan up to 3,000 pictures within 60 minutes.

If you commit 4 - 6 hours per day to scanning, it is possible to easily digitize a collection of 10,000 photos within 3-days. Your actual results will depend upon a number of factors. However, it is not unusual for a Rent2Scan Rental Package to be returned after having scanned between 7,500 - 15,000 photos in a 3-day period and over 20,000 photos during a 7-day period.

What sizes of photos can I scan with this equipment? 
Photos have been printed in a wide variety of sizes over the years. The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner is capable of scanning photo sizes from 50 mm x 63.5 mm (2 in. x 2.5 in.) up to 216 mm x 863 mm (8.5 in. x 34 in.). 

The most common print sizes in photo collections are; 4 x 5 in., 4 x 6 in, 5 x 7 in., 6 x 8 in., 8 x 10 in., 8 x 12 in, and 8.5 x 11 in. You can easily scan all of these sizes using the high-quality, high-speed Kodak Picture Saver Scanner in the Rent2Scan Rental Package.

If your collection contains lots of photograph prints smaller than 2.5 x 2.5 in. or other larger sized prints, such as 9 x 12 in., 10 x 13 in., 11 x 14 in., and 12 x 16 in., you may want to consider adding a Kodak Flatbed Accessory with your rental package.

What if I have photos in albums and scrapbooks glued onto pages and photos too fragile to remove or scan using the high-speed scanner? 
When originals are too large, bound, or extremely delicate, you need a flatbed accessory to handle these exception documents. When your flatbed can attach and detach quickly, you can keep your productivity flowing. Fast and flexible productivity – exactly what the Kodak Legal Size and A3 Size Flatbed Accessories deliver. 

Along with ease in handling exception documents, these flatbed accessories also features book-edge scanning, allowing you to scan one page at a time and eliminate blurred or dark imaging in the “gutter” area of a book when you open it to a “spread” on the platen. Learn more...

What does the Kodak Photo Selector Tool Accessory do? 
Scan album pages or multiple photographs using the Kodak Flatbed Accessory. The Kodak Photo Selector Tool automatically detects and marks photos to be segmented/individualized. Photos are outlined in blue and shown individually along with the overall image scanned. The operator can adjust area captured or delete photos. After segmenting, original flatbed scan and individual images are returned to Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software. Learn more...

What about scanning treasured documents? 
Absolutely! While scanners built to digitize paper documents are not optimum for scanning printed photos for many reasons, the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner in our Rent2Scan Rental Package is fully capable of scanning both photos and treasured documents. It has been engineered to address all the special requirements for streak-free scanning so easily created when photographic paper is passed over glass covered image detectors coming in full contact with the glass platen. However, the Kodak PSS inherits all the genius of Kodak Alaris' award-winning innovations in document scanning. For more about scanning treasured documents check out the Smart Guide.

What resolution can I scan my photos using this equipment? 
The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner in your Rent2Scan Rental Package is capable of scanning photos at a variety of resolutions. E-Z Photo would recommend you consider using 600 dpi for your project, which is the 4-star rated option of the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) Still Imaging Working Group.

What image format can I scan my photos using this equipment? 
The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner in your Rent2Scan Rental Package is capable of scanning photos in both JPEG or TIFF formats. Scanning speed is the same for both. The JPEG format also can be configured with very low compression to high compression. E-Z Photo realizes the intended use of your digital images will impact the decision of what format you choose. While TIFF is the 4-star rated option of the Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) Still Imaging Working Group, these images are very large and more difficult to manage. Meanwhile, a very low compressed JPEG format offers high quality and manageable file sizes and is used by most Rent2Scan clients.

What image enhancements can I make with the scanning software that comes with the scanner? 
The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software offers some basic image enhancements including rotating of images, red-eye removal, image sharpening, and Kodak's Perfect Touch enhancements. From years of research in consumer picture taking and printing systems, Eastman Kodak Company created a digital photo processing system called Kodak Perfect Touch processing, which uses proprietary software to automatically correct for common image flaws and "mistakes," such as dark shadows, backlighting and soon -- red-eye. Kodak Perfect Touch processing also enhances the desirable qualities of photos, with more vibrant color and richer detail than regular processing.

Can I scan slides and negatives, too? 
No. The digitization of printed photos requires reflective type scanning. A light inside the scanner shines onto the picture, as it passes through the scanner. High-quality sensors 'see' the reflecting light pattern, similar to the human eye. A sophisticated algorithm then converts the signal into a digital image, just are our brain interprets images we look at into a recognizable format. 

Alternatively, for legacy photos archived as negatives or slides light needs to pass through one side of the image and be displayed out the other for us actually to see them. Transmissive scanning is used to accomplish digitization of photos recorded in these formats. The scanner passes light through the slide or negative and sensors 'see' the transmitted light pattern on the other side. Just as in reflective scanning, an algorithm changes the signal into a digital image.

If you send a scanning computer with the scanner, then how do I get the photos onto my personal computer? 
There are a number of options available for transferring the digital images scanned using the Rent2Scan Rental Package. 

We offer the scanning computer in the rental for a multitude of reasons, however, primarily to make sure you can begin scanning within minutes of opening up the rental case. Also, using the preloaded Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software on the scanning computer means each digital image is immediately written onto the computer's hard drive so there is never a  worry of losing a photograph that has been scanned. 

To transfer your digital images you may use the USB stick provided in the rental kit to relocate them. Using the file manager tool they can easily be replicated to the USB drive and transferred to your personal computing device using either a Windows or Mac operating system. Alternatively, you may wish to use an external USB drive already owned and being used for storing digital images from other imaging sources. (If you elect this alternative option to be sure the drive is formatted for Windows OS. Check here for more information on this topic.) When performing the transfer it is our recommendation you choose the option of copy/paste to avoid any chance of image loss during the process. For more about digital photo-asset management, we suggest you review this guide created by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) with funds from the United States Library of Congress through its National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) for the Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow (dpBestflow®) project. 

Once transferred, feel free to remove your digital images from the hard drive of the scanning computer for maximum privacy. If you don't each rental package goes through a 32-step inspection process upon its arrival back to E-Z Photo at which time all digitized images are removed and the scanner's settings restored back to their default settings.

Is it really as easy as you claim to scan my photo collection? 

Our rental clients include all types of individuals with treasured collections of printed photographs or treasured documents. They are of all ages some with little or no technical expertise, all the way to photo professionals just needing additional equipment to complete a big digitization project they have taken on - and everything in between. 

We pride ourselves on making it easy. So much so, that we even put it in our name!

What kind of assistance is available if I get stuck during my rental period? 
E-Z Photo Scan offers a wide variety of support because we understand those renting our photo scanners reach us with a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and learning styles. Each Rent2Scan Rental Package comes with an illustrated Getting Started Guide. We also have recorded step-by-step instructions and placed them in our SmartGuide on this web page. So, whether you learn best by looking at pictures, reading a manual, or watching videos as you follow along we have you covered. 

And, if you need to talk to someone in person we also maintain our toll-free line posted on this website that will connect you with us from 8 AM - 11 PM (EST), 7 days week/365 days a year.

What if I need more time to finish my scanning project? 
It is possible to extend your rental for up to 3 additional days for an extra fee, charged daily (see Price Section). Should it be necessary to extend your rental period, be sure to reach out to E-Z Photo Scan as soon as possible and BEFORE the conclusion of the scheduled rental end date.

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