Auto Reverse Config-Editor Program

This video demonstrates how to install and use the Auto Reverse Config Editor applet developed by E-Z Photo Scan for the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner (Models PS50 & PS80 operating on Win 7 OS and above) using the Kodak Picture Scanning Software. Using this tool will enhance the capabilities of the scanner and more easily utilize its diverse capabilities.

Here are the steps to download and install the Auto Reverse Config Editor:

  1. Download the Auto Reverse Config Editor using the link below.
  2. Locate the file in your Downloads Folder.
  3. [Optional] Relocate the application file entitled pss-config-editor.exe to another location on your computer if desired.
  4. Hover mouse over the file and right click, then create a shortcut to the application file.
  5. Place shortcut onto computer desktop for easy access during photo scanning work sessions.
  6. To open the application click on the desktop shortcut and following the steps in the dialog box.

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Here are some tips!

  1. Close the Kodak Picture Scanning Software prior running the Auto Reverse Config Editor.
  2. If there are more than one version of the Kodak Picture Scanning Software installed on your computer (i.e. PS50 and PS80), select the version you wish to change the scanning order characteristics and press <Enter>. This process can be repeated for any other version, however, the application can only make a change to one version at a time.
  3. Should the application not find the Kodak Picture Scanning Software application path on your computer, please follow the instructions provided in the dialog box.

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Background About This Tool

The Challenge
Kodak Picture Scanning Software (available only for Win OS) offers the feature of auto reversing scanned photos each time the scanning action stops. The auto reverse behavior is the default setting when installing, or reinstalling the Kodak Picture Scanning Software.

This characteristic can be useful as it rearranges scanned photos into an orientation that emulates the way a stack of pictures sits in the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner’s feed tray. Since the scanner’s gentle photo handling module pulls the photos from the bottom of a stack of pictures in the feed tray, this tool seeks to reorder the photos in a manner that emulates the original physical order of the stack scanned.

The one caveat to this feature producing proper results is to keep all the photographs in the correct order scanning must occur in one continuous batch. The reversal process deploys automatically when the scanner stops, and this feature is active. For any scan job with multiple batches the auto reverse feature can create some challenges if the operator is trying to keep digitized photos is the same order.

The Solution
E-Z Photo Scan’s team initially took on this challenge by posting online the procedure to reconfigure this behavior in the Kodak Picture Scanning Software. It requires modifying this feature directly in actual the INI file by programmatically turning it off. While not an unsurmountable task, the procedure is somewhat tedious making it cumbersome to simply turn the feature on and off as desired. And, if the Kodak Picture Scanning Software is ever updated or reinstalled on the user’s computer, the auto reverse function reverts back to the manufacturer’s standard of being turned on.

This tool allows quick access to turning the auto reverse feature on and off as desired by the user. It has been designed to easily turn the feature off, with the results of photos remaining in the order they are scanned, which may be desired for multiple batches in the same scanning session. If the user wishes to reactivate the auto reverse capabilities, the tool makes that possible by just opening the application and pressing <Enter>.

Learn more about the auto reverse feature of the Kodak Picture Scanning Software

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