How to Rename Duplex Files created in Presto! PageManager for Mac OS


This video will walk you through installing and using a simple tool developed by E-Z Photo Scan to bulk rename photos scanned with the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner on Mac OS using Presto! PageManager. It will automatically rename batches of photos scanned in duplex using the same naming scheme as found in the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software for Win OS.

Here are the steps to download and install the Duplex Renamer:

  1. Download the Duplex File Renamer using the link below.
  2. Locate the file in your Downloads Folder.
  3. Either right click or Ctrl + Click (if you are using a TrackPad) on the file labeled
  4. Select 'Open With' and use the default option to open the Zip file.
  5. Once you have opened the file, another will open just above the original labeled Rename Duplex Files.workflow.
  6. Double click on Rename Duplex Files.workflow to open another prompt. This will ask if you would like to install the file. Go ahead and install now. The program will install immediately and you are now finished with this process.

Please note: you will not see any icon on your desktop affiliated with this file.

 Start Download!

Here are some tips!

  • Remember to create a Prefix File Name ending with the underscore (_). This will allow the program to work properly (i.e., Winter_001).
  • DO NOT delete any 1 picture from your scanned batch. This will cause the program to misinterpret what needs to be re-named.
  • You CAN delete two photos together as long as they were the SAME picture.
  • Always save a copy of your work then edit the file naming with the Renamer so that if you do not receive the results you wanted, you can try again.
  • The Renamer will only work outside of Presto! PageManager. Do not make any changes to the names in the middle of your batch.
  • You may reference the video for a visual on how to download, install, and operate the Renamer.

Background About This Tool

The Challenge

Users operating the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning is a Mac OS environment are provided Presto! PageManager for Mac as the management application for scanned photos.

For those familiar with the Kodak Picture Scanning Software available for computers operating with a Win OS they understand there has been a modification in the output of that program. It places images scanned in the duplex mode with the photo image appearing first, labeled with an ‘#####A,’ followed by the backside of the photo appearing immediately afterward with that image being labeled using the same prefix number and a ‘B’ (#####B). This is designed to accommodate the most gentle handling of photos and unique open image scanning guide on the upper portion of the scanner offering the feature of virtually eliminating streaking and allows you to scan with the picture side of the photos facing up.

Unfortunately, this is not an option when using Presto! PageManager. Instead, when scanning photos in duplex mode with the picture side of the photos facing up as they are fed into the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner to take advantage of the open imaging scanning guide, the resulting output displays the back of the photo first then the picture side of the photo follows next. And, rather than being labeled with the same associated file name and an 'A' or 'B' to delineate front/back they are labeled only with a prefix and the next sequential number. To date, there has note been a feature to easily permit the front and back side of the same photo to be numbered the same and distinguished by an ‘A’ for front side and ‘B’ for the back side.

The Solution
E-Z Photo Scan’s team took on the challenge of developing a solution that could assist those scanning in a Mac OS with their Kodak Picture Saver Scanner. The result is an application referred to as; Rename Duplex Files Tool.

This tool allows photos scanned in duplex to automatically be switched and renumbered in the same output configuration a user would get with the Kodak Picture Scanning Software. It has been designed to be easily applied and will work with any folder of photos scanned in the duplex mode using a Kodak Picture Saver Scanner using the TWAIN compliant peripheral interface for Mac OS.

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