Handout from the webinar "From Baby Boomers to Digital Natives: Determining How We Respond to Our Photos"


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Did you realize, we all look at life using certain filters associated specifically with the generation in which we grew up? This includes the way we respond to photos.

Whether a baby boomer, Gen X, Y, Z'er, or part of the digital native generation, learning how different age-based segments feel, react and look at photos can help in developing ways to make sure the collective experiences recorded in them are preserved and shared for generations to come.

Ann Matuszak, President Pixolgie, Inc., will be providing some enlightening insight into how photos are regarded by the age-based segments of our society, in this presentation of E-Z Photo Scan's Webinar Learning Series. (Originally broadcast Augst 9, 2016)


Here is a quick look at the generations Ann Matuszak referred to during her presentation that you can use as a reference when marketing to different generations.


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