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Have photographs you are planning digitize, however, would like to know how large can they be reprinted to and still maintain a quality output? Use this handy calculator to find out how printing and scanning resolutions are related!


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Physical Photograph Calculators

Calculate the largest size I can print a scanned photo...

Input Dimensions

Physical dimensions (in inches)
x @

The largest size you can print at high quality is:


Calculate what I should scan my photo at to have it printed to a specific dimension...

Input Dimensions

Physical dimensions (in inches)

Below is the minimum recommended DPI suggested you scan this photo, in order to print it at the following sizes (at high print quality);



Digital Photograph Calculator

Calculate the largest recommended size to maintain high print quality of a digital photo...

Input Dimensions

Digital dimensions (in pixels)

The largest size recommended to print your photo at high print quality is:


Scan-to-Print Conversion Chart

The table below considers what scanner DPI would be most appropriate for the more common scanned picture sizes if reprinted into one of the 8 standard photographic print dimensions. The table includes a recommendation for both ‘good’ print and ‘high’ print quality. For the purposes of this chart, good print quality. is the ability to print at a resolution between 600-720 dpi (scan @ 200+) and high print quality between 1200-2800+ dpi (scan @ 300+).

The scanner’s resolution displayed in this chart is determined, based upon achieving an adequate sampling of pixels during digitization, to obtain the printing standard described above. A minimum of  300 dpi was used for scanning of all photos.

Scan Tips

1. Always scan at no more than your maximum optical resolution.
2. Use the lowest compression rates.
3. Scanning photos @ 600 dpi optical resolution will achieve over 75% of output of all sizes @ high print quality & 80% @ good print quality..

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