Features of the Kodak Flatbed Scanning Accessory

The Kodak Flatbed Scanning Accessory offers a number of unique features. 

First, it has a book edge meaning you can scan a book page without breaking the book's spine by gently allowing the part of the book not being digitized to hang off the side while the scanning element within the flatbed scanner images up to about 1/8th of an inch from the edge.
The other is the lid of these flatbeds lift off exposing the entire scanning platen. This makes it possible to scan 3D objects (the results will be 2D). When doing this with your scanner be sure to take caution of placing objects that can scratch the glass platen. You will also want to consider using some type of drape material (preferably black) placed over the object and covering the entire scanning platen. This will ensure the light used for the reflective scanning bounces back into the image receptor.
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