Turning on my KODAK Picture Saver Scanner

Your Kodak Picture Saver Scanner has been manufactured with one of two different types of power switches.

Rocker Switch

This switch operates like a standard light switch with an On (|) and Off (O) position. When the rocker switch is flipped to the On (|) position it allows the scanner to be energized. To turn the unit off, return the rocker switch to the Off (O) position.

Toggle Switch

The toggle switch requires the operator to momentarily press and hold the toggle button in the On (|) position in order for the scanner to energize. Releasing the button will cause it return back to the neutral position automatically. To turn the unit off, press and hold the toggle button in the Off (O) position for 1 second.

Tech Tips

  • When you turn on the scanner, the LED indicator on the front of the scanner will flash as the scanner goes through a series of self tests. Please wait while the operating system synchronizes with the scanner before proceeding.
  • Your scanner is equipped with an automatic power off energy saver feature. If your scanner has been idle for an extended period of time in power saver mode it will automatically turn off. The default for your scanner to go into power saver mode is 15 minutes and 60 minutes to turn the unit off. These settings can be adjusted for any value between 0-240 minutes by going to  TWAIN Dataset Settings>Device>General Tab.

Learn more about adjusting the energy saver / auto off intervals.

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