How do I connect my Kodak Picture Saver Scanner to a computer?

When the appropriate applications are installed on the computer selected for use with your KODAK Picture Saver Scanner, connect the power supply, power cord and USB cable to the scanner.

  1. Select the appropriate AC power cord for your region from the supply of power cords packed with your scanner.
  2. Attach the power cord you selected to the power supply. (Be sure that the power cord is securely attached to the power supply.)
  3. Plug the output power cord from the power supply into the power port on the scanner.
  4. Plug the other end of the power cord into the wall  outlet.
  5. Attach the USB cable to the scanner USB port, located on the back of the scanner.
  6. Attach the other end of the USB cable to the proper USB port on your PC.
  7. Secure the power cord and USB cable into the routing channel on the back of the scanner.

Tech Tips

  • The scanner's manufacturer recommends the power outlet is located within 1.52 metres (5 feet) of the scanner and is easily accessible.
  • Avoid pinching or crimping the power and USB cords.
  • When packing up your scanner to go mobile, consider labeling your power cord and USB cable to provide quick identification and easy re-assembly.
  • If you are short USB hubs directly available on your computer, use a multi-port USB high-speed hub. A hub is great for peripherals with low power consumption (mouse, keyboards, dongles, etc.) and will free up a USB port directly on the computer's main printed circuit board (motherboard) for use with the scanner.
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