04/11/2016 | Why did Kodak Alaris’ full document scanner range receive the Scanner Line of the Year 2016 Award?

Kodak Alaris offers a broad range of reliable, efficient, scalable and productive document scanners for numerous professional digitization and document imaging needs – and in 2016, the document imaging industry’s experts rewarded us for it. What it means for your business, our partners and us.

From desktop scanners for home offices and workgroups to fast departmental scanners, network scanners, Web-enabled scanners for transactional capture and state-of-the-art production scanners for mailrooms, BPOs and document service bureaux: we have a winning solution that suits your needs. However, why would you chose Kodak Alaris for your document imaging and digitisation needs? There are many reasons. In this post, we start with what the leading voices of the document imaging industry say.

Unbiased industry recognition for a full document scanner range

Independent and globally recognised Buyers Lab (BLI) has recognised Kodak Alaris as 2016 Scanner Line of the Year for superior performance across its broad portfolio of document scanners.

It’s the first time ever a document scanning vendor has received this distinction for its full portfolio and a recognition of our ongoing commitment to provide solid and innovative document scanners for document capture and business process requirements to make your business efficient, relevant and ready for the future.

Winning BLI’s Line of the Year Award 2016 is a very significant milestone for us and our many partners.After all, for over half a century (!) Buyers Lab has been the global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data and competitive selling tools, as Lisa Reider, Senior Product Editor, Scanners & Environmental at Buyers Lab LLC, explains in the video below.

Why did Kodak Alaris’ full document scanner range receive the Scanner Line of the Year 2016 Award?

Lisa Reider of document imaging industry experts BLI explains the Scanner Line of the Year Award - video below

Lisa Reider of document imaging industry experts BLI explains the Scanner Line of the Year Award – video below

The Line of the Year Award, Lisa says, is the highest BLI honour available and only a select line number of companies whose product lines CONSISTENTLY perform above average AND above their peers receive the prestigious award.

Then, why Kodak Alaris? What does it take to win such a prestigious award? What are the used criteria?

Lisa Reider explains: to determine the Scanner Line of the Year Winner, BLI’s team of analysts review each document scanner vendor’s portfolio and select the one with the BROADEST range of products with at least one scanner in each product segment that stands out above the competition during testing.

The key test areas used by BLI’s document imaging experts include:

  • Reliability
  • Media handling capabilities
  • Ease of use (of both hardware and software)
  • Productivity
  • Image quality
  • Value

Lisa Reider says that time and time again Kodak Alaris’ document scanners continue to excel in those categories and reminds us that Kodak Alaris has won a total of 20 BLI Awards with products ranging from small workgroup scanners to high-end production scanners. And that’s another record. It is the most BLI Awards won by any scanning manufacturer today! Check out an overview of winning document scanners from Kodak Alaris here.

What does the highest document imaging expert recognition mean for you as a (potential) customer or partner?

On top of the fact that this independent document imaging industry expert is significant as such, the importance of the key test areas can easily be ‘translated’ into business benefits.

Reliability, versatility, ease of use, productivity, value, image quality (which leads to efficiency) are more than features. They are about business results (costs, uptime, business continuity), employee satisfaction (think ease of use, for instance), customer experience and so much more.

Document capture and digitisation: the bigger perspective

And this brings us to what sets us apart in several ways. For us, capture and document scanners are part of a business-oriented and solutions-based approach, whereby the document scanners are as important as processes, business goals, the right partnerships, services, scanning software such asKodak Capture Pro and the state-of-the-art Web-based and mobile capture software portfolio, Info Input.

Capture isn’t a stand-alone phenomenon and digitisation success fits in a broader picture which requires a strong ecosystem and business focus. Document scanners have a central role in that picture and essentially making them better, smarter and more efficient is about continuous optimisation and innovation in all possible ways to respond to very diverse business needs and the challenges of the future.

Navigating digital transformation, unlocking the power of unstructured data and reinventing/improving core business processes to significantly improve results

Siddhartha Bhattacharya - Vice President Global Marketing at Kodak Alaris on LinkedIn

Siddhartha Bhattacharya – Vice President Global Marketing at Kodak Alaris on LinkedIn

Our VP, Global Marketing, Siddharta Bhattacharya explains in the same video below, how or goal is to engineer the best capture hardware and software to delight our customers in every industry we serve. Delighting customers is helping them succeed by providing what they need to do so, knowing there is always a better way and every aspect matters.

‘Capture is an important beginning’, Siddharta Bhattacharya says in the video, ‘but for Kodak Alaris, it’s about more than delivering a superior line of scanners’.

Siddharta Bhattacharya: ‘Enterprise software and solutions are what separates the leaders from the followers so our eyes are on the bigger price of helping clients embrace and navigate digital transformation, unlock the power of unstructured data and reinvent the core business processes to significantly improve results’.

We are proud and honoured to receive this recognition from BLI. You can tell by the smiling faces of, among others, our French and German teams who received the awards at respectively their offices and the CeBIT 2016 tradeshow.

Making your business more relevant today and ready for tomorrow – the place of capture

We are also proud and honoured to earn the trust of great partners, BPOs (Business Process Outsourcers), document service bureaux, Independent Software Vendors, resellers, partners and end customer across the globe each day. And we hope that the recognition of BLI’s document imaging experts and our ongoing efforts to improve business processes and outcomes make you work with us for your document imaging, capture software, services and transformation needs.

As Siddharta Bhattacharya says ‘we continue to offer innovative solutions built on decades of imaging science expertise that keep our clients relevant and prepare them for the future.

In the video below you can watch and hear Lisa Reider and Siddharta Bhattacharya comment on the award. May it be the start of a more productive future, keeping your business relevant and ready for all those challenges, the essence of our commitment.


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