How can I stop my scanner from going into energy saver mode or turning off completely?

Your scanner is equipped with an automatic power off energy saver feature.

If your scanner has been idle for an extended period in power saver mode it will automatically turn off.

The default for your scanner to go into power saver mode is 15 minutes and 60 minutes to turn the unit off. These settings can be adjusted for any value between 0-240 minutes.

To change the value of either the automatic Power Saver or Power Off modes you will need to use the TWAIN data source Kodak Alaris provides with your scanner. The TWAIN data source is the part of the capture system which links the scanner to your scanning application.

With the Main Scanner Window open:

  • Select a Setting Shortcut from the main Scanner window that closely describes your desired output.
  • Select Settings to display the Image Settings window.
  • Select Device. The Device Settings window will be displayed.
  • The General tab allows you to set scanner-specific options and provides access to scanner diagnostics.
  • Power Saver — allows you to set the amount of time, in minutes, the scanner has to be inactive before going into power saver mode.
  • Power Off — allows you to set the amount of time, in minutes, the scanner has to be in power saver mode before it automatically turns off.
  • NOTE: The Power Saver setting is shared with all Setting Shortcuts. Any changes will affect other shortcuts unless you turn on the Only save to this Setting Shortcut option.

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