Tech Tip | Using an Electric Duster to Clean Your Photo Scanner & Dust Control

Canned air uses chemicals to deliver air under pressure. These chemicals boil at a very low temperature and will rapidly cool on any surface it touches. If used on your scanner, there is always the probably a vapor residue can be deposited upon the optics of the scanner.
The alternative to delivering air under pressure for the purpose of cleaning your photo scanner is to use an electric duster. These are 'can-less', using a cyclonic rotation or circulation and blower system to deliver room air under pressure.
Both the Metro Vacuum ED500 Datavac and O2 Hurricane Special Edition Can-less Air System are excellent tools for use in cleaning your photo scanner.

There are 2 primary differences between these units. The Metro requires to be plugged in, while the Hurricane has a rechargeable battery that makes it more accessible to use while working. Both are a perfect replacement for canned air, computer duster and any other kind of air dusters.

With regards of where and when to use the high speed air duster systems, we would recommend only using them in an area that is open. If you are scanning in a confined space, then take the scanner out into an open area to clean it to avoid dust from settling back onto some other portion of the scan job.
It is possible to use these type of dusters while scanning. However, this is should only be done when scanning in an open area, where the resulting dust will not be relocated to the scanning area.
Other tips to minimize dust or particular airborne matter from circulating within the scan room include; is to maintain a positive/filtered air flow environment.
  • Use the duster on the items to be scanned before removing them from their original container away from the scanning area.
  • Maintain a positive/filtered air flow environment.
  • Vacuum carpet covered scanning room floors frequently (2-3 times weekly), using a vacuum equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter.
  • Sweep & mop hardwood or tile covered scanning room floors frequently (2-3 times weekly).
  • Dust the room's contents using microfiber cloths only.
  • Keep clutter, textiles, pets, stacks of papers or magazines away from the scanning area.
  • Do a deep cleaning of the walls, trim, and baseboards fo the scanning area every couple of months.
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