The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Photo Organizer

Produced by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), this guide is compiled industry knowledge, market research and tips from the field to create a big picture perspective of the photo organizing profession! 

In the Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Photo Organizer, APPO offer an inside look at the emerging profession of photo organizing and the important role these professionals play in helping people manage and celebrate their personal photo collections.

It will demystify the role of a photo organizer and explain the types of services they offer while exploring the diversity of the industry. 

You'll discover the resources and support available to those who choose to enter the profession or add photo organizing services to an existing business.

You'll gain an understanding of the increasing need and growth of the industry, the market and typical client profiles including their most common challenges.

You'll meet several photo organizers who will share their tips and strategies for a successful business along with a plan for getting started.

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Photo Organizer will inspire you to tell your family's story through personal photos, and perhaps move beyond your own collection to help others tell theirs. Enjoy!

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