Can the KODAK Picture Saver Scanner be used to scan my important documents?


The Kodak Gentle Photo Separator will accommodate most important photos and treasured paper documents. It does have a delicate pick-up action designed especially these types of materials.

Included with both the PS50 & PS80 models is a secondary separator for standard paper. This can easily be popped into place, replacing the gentle photo/document one. Use of this separator is recommended if you are considering scanning volumes of standard business documents vs. treasured ones.

The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner incorporates a document feeder capacity of up to 50 sheets (PS50) or 75 sheets (PS80), handling paper weights up to 34-413 g/m² (9-110 lb.); ID card thickness: up to 1.25 mm (0.05 in.).

The PS50 & PS80 also include these document imaging features;

  • Perfect Page Scanning (iThresholding; adaptive threshold processing
  • Deskew
  • Autocrop
  • Relative cropping
  • Aggressive cropping
  • Electronic color dropout
  • Dual-stream scanning
  • Interactive color, brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Auto orientation, automatic color detection, background color smoothing)
  • Smart Touch functionality (applies to running on Windows based PC's only)
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