What photo management capabilities are provided with the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software (f/5.0-PS50 | f/8.0-PS80)?

Kodak Alaris makes available their scanning software to accommodate the high volume of quality photos being digitized and do it in a user-friendly manner. It also is designed to do certain adjustments to the scanned image, if desired. This includes image rotation, elimination of red-eye, adjusting for richer details and more vibrant colors using Kodak Perfect Touch Technology.
The Kodak Picture Saver Scanning software is not designed to be a photo management application. However, since the output of its digitized images are in a standard image format, all scanned photos may be uploaded into any photo management software of the operators choice following their digitization with the high-quality/high-speed Kodak Picture Saver Scanner. 
Individuals are at liberty to manage their scanned photos with the application of their choice based upon their personal preference.
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