User Precautions Kodak PS50/PS80

• Place the scanner on a sturdy, level work surface capable of supporting 5.5 kg (12 lbs).

• Do not install the scanner in a location subject to dust, humidity or steam. This may cause electrical shock or a fire. Only use the scanner and power supply indoors in a dry location.

• Make sure the electrical power outlet is located within 1.52 meters (5 feet) of the scanner and is easily accessible.

• Use only the power cord that was provided with the scanner. Using any other power cord may cause electrical shock and/or damage the product.

• Be sure the power cord is securely plugged into the wall outlet. Failure to do so may cause electrical shock or fire.

• Do not damage, knot, cut or modify the power cord. This may cause electrical shock or fire.

• The scanner requires a dedicated power outlet. Do not use an extension cord or power strip with the scanner.

• Use only the AC adapter that is supplied with the scanner. Do not use the scanner’s AC adapter with any other product.

• Leave sufficient space around the power outlet so it can be easily unplugged in case of an emergency.

• Do not use the scanner if it becomes inordinately hot, has a strange odor, emits smoke, or makes unfamiliar noises. Immediately stop the scanner and disconnect the power cord from the power outlet. Contact Kodak Alaris Inc.

• Do not disassemble or modify the scanner or the AC power adapter.

• Do not move the scanner with the power cord and interface cable attached. This may cause damage to the cord/cable. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet before moving the scanner.

• Follow the recommended cleaning procedures. Do not use air, liquid or gas spray cleaners. These cleaners displace dust, dirt and debris to another location within the scanner, which may cause the scanner to malfunction.

• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemical products are available on the Kodak Alaris website at: When accessing the MSDSs from the website, you will be required to provide the catalog number of the consumable you want the Material Safety Data Sheet  for. See the section entitled, “Supplies and consumables” later in this guide for supplies and catalog numbers.

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