Digitizing Fragile Photos and Segmenting Album Pages

With the Kodak flatbed accessory and Picture Saver Software, scanning fragile photos and albums is easy.


If you have a Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System PS50, PS55 or PS80, you can streamline image capture and protect valuable older photos/albums with the Kodak Photo Selector Accessory.

All you need to get started is a Kodak Legal Size Flatbed Accessory or Kodak A3 Size Flatbed Accessory along with the Photo Selector Accessory. Simply install the Kodak Photo Selector Accessory Software and the functionality is added.

  1. Scan one or more album pages using your Kodak Flatbed Accessory.
  2. Selector automatically detects and marks photos to be segmented/individualized. Photos are outlined in blue and shown at right.
  3. Operator can adjust area captured or delete photos. After segmenting, original flatbed scan and individual images are returned to Photo Scanning Application.

Note: options described in this chapter are only available if you have the Kodak Photo Selector Accessory installed and enabled.

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