Color Management with the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner

Tech Tip: Color Management with the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner
Date: 2015-January-14

The Digital Imaging Chain

Like all devices in the digital imaging chain (scanner, camera, monitor, or printer) , the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner uses what you might consider a common language for colors. Interestingly, there are actually several dialects of color language.
These include standards created by the International Color Consortium (ICC) and alternatives from an effort led by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard. The first is the ICC profile scheme. Additional profiles are referred to as sRGB and scRGB. The Kodak Picture Saver Scanner uses the sRGB color space.

More About sRGB

The goal of sRGB was to develop a common solution to address the issues confronting users in need of easy communication for accurate color information. The challenge became greater as the proliferating number of devices and industries, using different terminology, standards and methods to communicate color information, had to work with one another on a single project.
The sRGB color space is now well specified and designed to match typical home and office viewing conditions, rather than the darker environment typically used for commercial color matching. It has become the default color space for HTML, CSS, SMIL and other web standards. 
This means you can take a shot with an sRGB camera, or scan a print with a sRGB scanner, then print it on a sRGB printer - all without making any adjustments to the image - winding up with reasonable colors in the output.

More About Color Space

To learn more about sRGB, scRGB and ICC profiles check out this article in PC Magazine, or read Phil Green's book entitled; Color Management: Understanding and Using ICC Profiles.
Want to know if sRGB is still relevant today? Check out this article; Has sRGB outlived its usefulness?
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