About E-Z Photo Scan Webinar Series

E-Z Photo Scan understands how important on-going development of skills, knowledge, understanding, awareness, values, and ideas is to one's success. That is why we encourage everyone involved in the art of digitizing printed photo collections and treasured documents to seek out learning opportunities.

The E-Z Photo Scan Webinar Series

On the second Tuesday of each month, E-Z Photo Scan hosts a learning opportunity through its monthly Webinar Series. Each program is carefully orchestrated to provide a high-quality presentation designed to help expand the attendee's level of knowledge about some facet involving photo digitization through scanning, photo organization, or sharing the stories represented within photo collections.


 Next Webinar Series Presentation

E-Z Photo Scan Webinar Series - June 2017 - Become a Photo Organizing Star Using The S.T.O.R.E Method

Become a Photo Organizing Star Using The S.T.O.R.E Method

You become a Super-Star to all your family, friends, and clients when you learn the simplest and most efficient system for organizing your pictures transformed into digital images through photo scanning.

In this presentation, you will hear from the creator of the S.T.O.R.E. and find out how thousands have tossed aside frustration in organizing their collections turning them into fun projects.

You don't want to miss the opportunity to access to all the FREE videos, books, tips, and tricks that E-Z Photo Scan has arranged for those that attend.

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 Previous Webinar Series Videos

E-Z Photo Scan Webinar Series presentation is available for FREE on E-Z Photo Scan's YouTube Channel. Subscribe now to make sure you are the first to be notified of our newest video postings.

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