Tech Tip | How to install the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software on computers with large Hard Drives - Greater than 1TB

Are you having difficulty installing your Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software on your Hard Drive? If you are receiving an error that states "This software require and additional xxxxxxxxxx k bytes free on the C: drive to install. Please remove any unnecessary files and try again." then E-Z Photo Scan, in conjuction with Kodak Alaris, has found the fix for this issue. 

Please follow the steps below. Once you are finished, you should be up and running.


  1. Install this application from Kodak Alaris using this link:
  2. Run the make-a-File.exe
  3. Once the file has completed installing, install the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Software.
  4. After the success of installation for the Kodak Software, delete the
  5. You are now ready to scan. Close out any remaining windows.

Should you continue to have any issues, please contact Technical Support at E-Z Photo Scan via phone at 1-866-562-4660 or email at Also be sure to let us know if this articule was helpful using the comments section below!


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