Step 3 - Installing the Drivers & Applications (macOS)

 About the KODAK TWAIN Driver for macOS

Version 2.x of the KODAK TWAIN Driver for macOS supports scanning in macOS v10.6 - 10.13.x.

This driver allows the user to scan with a KODAK PS50 or PS80 Picture Saver Scanner models with TWAIN compliant scanning applications of their own choice, or the PRESTO! PageManager scanning application made available from Kodak Alaris.

The KODAK TWAIN Driver for macOS was initially designed to work with TWAINBridge. This allowed the download of the scanner firmware to the computer automatically, when the scanning unit was plugged into the computer and turned on. A security feature modification made within versions of the macOS from v10.9 and beyond eliminated the feature of automatic downloading of the scanner firmware to the computer until the first request to Acquire Image Data is selected. 

Installation and operation of the KODAK TWAIN Driver for macOS require permission to access certain protected areas of the computer's operating system. This includes the KODAK Picture Saver Saver, KODAK Legal Flatbed Accessory, and KODAK A3 Flatbed Accessory.

It has been reported that Apple’s Gatekeeper security feature, now found in macOS 10.13.x High Sierra, may no longer allow certain functions of the KODAK TWAIN Driver to load by blocking the appropriate permissions.  To accommodate for this you'll need to "Allow" your computer's operating system to recognize the driver's commands required to communicate and control the scanner.

One way this may be accomplished is by reintroducing the "Anywhere" feature, once available in the Security & Privacy preferences of the macOS. This option is no longer a part of the Mac operating system's standard configuration.

However, by reinstating this feature, your computer will "Allow" the KODAK TWAIN Driver software to be recognized by the operating system. The result will be the ability to transform your printed photos into treasured digital image opportunities in high-quality and at high-speed using the Kodak Picture Saver Scanner. 

The process below describes how to reintroduce the “Anywhere” option into your computer's Security & Privacy preferences panel.


  • Open Spotlight menu – Command+Space, or selecting the Spotlight icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Type terminal into the spotlight search box and press enter.
  • The will open a dialog box.
  • At the prompt command in the Terminal dialog box type;

sudo spctl --master-disable

  • Press enter.
  • When prompted, type your Mac password and press enter.
  • Close the Terminal dialog box.
The result of this procedure reinstates availability of the “Anywhere” option in your Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy preferences panel.
Selecting it provides for a permanent “Allow” solution and should resolve the autoblocking of permission of access by the KODAK TWAIN Driver software to certain areas of the Mac operating system for both installation and the operation of the KODAK Picture Saver Saver, KODAK Legal Flatbed Accessory, and KODAK A3 Flatbed Accessory.

To reverse this procedure, repeat the steps outlined above typing the enable command when prompted in the Terminal dialog box;

sudo spctl --master-enable
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