GO! Tip 5 - TOOL-UP.


The benefits of selecting and using the right help, assistance, equipment, tools, and techniques make sure transforming your printed photo chaos into digital treasure opportunities yields high-quality results accomplished in an efficient manner. Paying attention to the wide variety of choices available to meet your specific needs means gaining a level of expertise enjoyed only by the pros.

In selecting the right tools for your project, try answering these questions;

Things to Consider

  • What tools does my project require?
  • What tools do the pros use to accomplish a project like mine?
  • Are the tools I am considering simple to use?
  • Are the tools I am considering the best available?
  • What functionality will each tool(s) contribute to getting my project done right?

Things to Watch Out For

  • Are the tools being considered gadgets or real solutions for specific needs?
  • What are the value of productivity, efficiency, and quality of the tools being added?
  • Do I need a complete set of a certain tool type, or will a partial set be all that is needed? 
  • Must I buy, or can the tool be rented or borrowed?
  • Does it even make sense for me to get the tool(s), or should I hire someone that already has the tools?

Once you've answered these questions, you'll have a better idea of which tools can help.

So, with the right help, assistance, equipment, tools, and techniques packed into your toolbox, it's time to look at what transformation methods are available in Tip 6. 

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