One of the primary reasons the transformation of your photo chaos into digital treasure opportunities never gets completed entails how easy it is to become overwhelmed and quit when projects are too big and daunting to see a finish line.

To avoid this, breaking it up into smaller and more manageable parts can be just what is needed to get the project done finally. Taking on smaller sub-projects easier to complete can overcome the onset of paralysis arising from large, intimidating tasks. 1

Follow these steps to help start dividing and conquering;

  • Define Your Goals
    • Start with broad ideas
    • Focus in on specific aspects of your broad ideas.
    • Map out your goals.
  • Divide It Up
    • Identify the individual components of your project.
    • Create plans for the possibilities to complete each of the smaller chunks listing the resources needed and targeted completion dates.
    • Prioritize the sub-projects then concentrate your energies towards focusing on one at a time starting with the top priority.
  • Achieving Your Goals
    • Set up timetables and establish benchmarks to keep track of your progress.
    • Review your achievements with attention on accomplishments and avoid the onset of the "Are we there yet?" frustration.
    • Celebrate and share each success made in transforming your photo chaos into digital treasure opportunities.

With things divided up and plans to conquer each sub-project, it's time to move on to Tip 5 and Tool Up

1 Adopted from Wiki How:

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