GO! Tip 2 - ROUND 'EM UP.


Most photo collections have a way of wandering off into all sorts of different directions.

They end up in boxes, plastic tubs, file folders, and even grocery bags tucked away onto storage-shelves in attics, garages, sheds, closets, or under beds. Of course, you can't forget the ones that end up featured in albums, scrapbooks, pinned to bulletin boards or refrigerators, and nestled into wallets.

To transform this printed photo chaos into digital treasure possibilities requires herding them all up together. Setting out on this step in a relaxed manner means you'll quickly achieve good movement bringing all your photographic treasures together into a comfortable place. Be sure to pay attention to stragglers and draw them out from wherever they are hiding.

Being able to 'lay eyes' on the entire collection makes moving forward with your organization project easy. With the round-up complete, you are all set for Tip 3. 


Transform your treasured photo chaos into digital treasure opportunities.

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