GO! Tip 1 - DECIDE.


Perhaps you have wanted to do it for years as they sat in drawers, boxes, and albums in the attic, garage, storage shed or closets.

Perhaps you just became the custodian of a collection of family memories recorded on printed photos, 35mm slides, or treasured documents.

You realize they are aging and deteriorating as time marches onward. Meanwhile, the gap continues to widen between the limited use as analog items, as compared to a digital world full of nearly unlimited possibilities to share and connect with our friends and families.

You may only be wanting to create a slideshow, share photos of family members, or protect your entire collection for generations to come. No matter what your end goal is, making a decision that NOW IS THE TIME to transform your analog collection into a digital one is the first step in getting started.

Now that you have decided it's time to take action! Go and take the next 30 minutes to begin digging out all those treasured printed photos & 35 mm slides. By getting them all in a single place, you'll be ready to tackle Tip 2.

Transform your treasured photo chaos into digital treasure opportunities.

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