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Kodak Carousel Slide Projector Operating Manual

Used in both SlideSnap X1 & SlideSnap Lite 35mm slide scanner configurations. Note: All Kodak Carousel Slide Projectors are modified and enhanced by SlideSnap engineers so all features in this manual will not apply. 


KODAK Universal Slide Tray - Setting Tray Alignment

Tray alignment details. Trays are designed to hold up 80 slides. Be sure that your slide mounts are in good condition; frayed or bent mounts may fail to drop into the projector. A variety of slide trays are available with capacity up to 140 slides.


KODAK Universal Slide Tray - Preparing & Inserting Slides

Details about preparing and inserting slides into Kodak slide trays. Note: DISREGARD orientation guidelines in this information. For more about orientation, visit slide scanning tips. Use the orientation below;



Mounting Kodak Universal Slide Tray

Details pertaining to placing the loaded slide tray on the projector unit.


Kodak Stack Loader Manual

The KODAK CAROUSEL Stack Loader lets you project up to 40 slides in 2 x 2-inch (50.8 x 50.8 mm) cardboard or thin plastic mounts (or up to 30 slides in 2 x 2 adapters for 110 slides) without using a slide tray.


Sony a5100 Camera User Manual (Unabridged)

Used with the SlideSnap X1 35mm slide scanner configuration.


Canon G16 Camera User Manual (Unabridged)

Used with the SlideSnap Lite 35mm slide scanner configuration.



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