05/16/2016 | Kodak Alaris Offers New Photo Scanning Options to Meet Changing Demands of Digital Imaging Professionals

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Mobile and cloud storage options have enhanced the way digital imaging professionals help consumers capture, share, and store their memories. Kodak Alaris is addressing the growing need for greater flexibility to choose from a wider range of scanning applications by unbundling its software from the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems, meaning customers no longer need to purchase the software that used to come “in the box” with the PS50 and PS80 scanners.

Under the new options, the third-generation scanning technology can now be accessed through any imaging application, including Adobe Photoshop, Kodak Capture Pro Software or any other TWAIN-compliant program, either on the Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac platform. This transforms the market for photo scanning services by offering enhanced functions like user-selected save locations, including cloud services.

“Kodak Alaris is adapting to changing market demands that impact photo scanning, including the need to be mobile, have instant access to scanned images and to be connected to an expanding list of storage options,” said Bruce Holroyd, worldwide product and integration manager for Kodak Alaris’ Information Management division. “By unbundling the software and hardware components, digital imaging professionals have greater flexibility in choosing what operating system and user interface will best meet their customers’ needs.”

A Continuously Improving Platform
The increased flexibility of the Picture Saver Scanning Systems offers users a scanner platform that is more adaptable to the applications used to edit, save and store photos. This opens photo scanning to new markets and customer segments.

“After a decade of service, the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning System just keeps getting better,” said Richard “Rick” Lippert, president, E-Z Photo Scan, an authorized Kodak Alaris reseller. “By opening up the scanner device to any TWAIN-compliant software, high-speed batch photo scanning is under the complete control of the user. The scanning system has truly stood the test of time and has adapted its technology to meet the changing demands of users over the last 10 years.”

E-Z Photo Scan has been laying the groundwork for this new capability for 18 months, creating new configurations for retail, kiosk, self-service/rental and the professional photographer markets, in addition to the growing market of professional photo organizers and genealogy.

Advanced Software Delivers Added Convenience
Kodak Alaris has also enhanced the Kodak Picture Saver Scanning Systems Software v4.0, which now adds multiple new features such as auto-filing scanned photos into a folder setup and TIFF file creation. The new foldering capability allows users to easily group photos into self-contained sub-folders.

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